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Project North Star Kits

Offering developers with ready-assembled Project North Star headsets, modules, and customization options, our goal is to make this advanced AR from Leap Motion technology accessible as possible.

Kits and Modules

Providing the components of Project North Star to the wider community, our range of modules include lenses, display driver boards, and high-resolution 120Hz-capable displays. Check out our other kits and accessories options from Smart Prototyping.

Project North Star Workshop Polaris AR H

Available exclusively from


Project North Star Workshops


Hosted by Polaris AR , our 2-day workshops offer participants the chance to build their very own Project North Star headset, by providing hands-on guidance with constructing and programming headsets. All this plus additional discounts on a range of sensors for your headset. Sign up to be notified about our next workshop soon.

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Workshop Highlights
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